Spellblade Warden's Echo feedback

I’ve been trying out Warden’s Echo, and it’s follow up node Defender of Welryn. I like the idea, but I think it needs some tweaking to make it more desirable.

These two nodes are very underwhelming and require a lot of points for little payback.

Even with the 2 nodes maxed, I only get a 40% chance to get around 120 lightning damage with Mana Strike on the target dummy, at level 100. It’s impossible to see the numbers I get from Shatter Strike as there are so many numbers on the screen! The area of effect is very small, only hitting the mobs immediately around me but no further. And the 13 point investment to get 40% ward retention after 8/8 Arcane Warden is a bit too expensive for what we get, imo.

I would like to suggest some changes …

  1. Increase the base damage
  2. Increase the area
  3. increase the ward retention
  4. add dot/cc chance
  5. reduce the points required

Maybe something like this? …

Wardens Echo 3 point passive - Each point would give 20% chance to proc Elemental Burst and 25% increased area.

Defender of Welryn 5 point passive - Each point would give 10% ward retention, 20% more Elemental Burst damage and 10% chance for Elemental Burst to ignite/shock/freeze on hit matching the melee damage just used.

With an increase to base damage and a reduction in passive point usage, these would be much more usable.

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