Spellblade should have Firebrand and Flame Reave reversed in order


  • Flame Reave is at 10 points of investment into Passive Tree
  • Firebrand is at 35 points of investment into Passive Tree

What makes a Spell Blade “not a Sorcerer” is melee vs spell. And melee needs a 0 point base attack. Right now, Mana Strike is required for way too long, or else you need to spell-cast until you can swap over to Melee. Either way, the Passives and gear you’re wearing are useless for Mana Strike, and need to be fully changed once you get to Firebrand.

This is why I suggest the swap. Obtaining Spellblade gives you an AoE (Shatter Strike) melee already, so getting a 2nd one at 10 points instead of a 0-cost attack is painful to level.


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