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Spellblade Shatterstrike for 7.10 build

ShatterStrike for 7.10. Higher hit damage, better survivability.


Could try adding in Frailty on hit to make it a bit more tanky, but would probably lose 1 of the dex rolls, but the damage loss versus the survival might not be so bad. Frailty is my new fav stat to add to my builds, stacking frailty and chill on bosses is pretty fun.

Another awesome build from you, Boardman…thank you for that one. Started this one from scratch. Currently lvl 56, deathless so far and really enjoying to play this toon. Feels like cheating :wink: Keep up your great work!

thanks for the build! I got a question which one is better Focus or Manastrike for this build?

Pick your poison. I like manastrike

Damn… another one to try… Will you please stop with the builds for a while so that I can catch up!


It’s almost my weekend you better hurry

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Thanks for another great guide @boardman21 still working on leveling and gearing up, but monos have been a cruise so far up through the lvl 75 one.

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Modified build a bit (e.g. 15 in sorcerer for even more int… 105 right now) but it carried me through level 100 monos at lvl 80 without any problem.

I tried arena only once and hit 144… on lvl 74.
€dit: Wave 160 on level 85

This build rocks. Thx!

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Hey @boardman21 I’m playing this while leveling, what stats should i look for on weapons before i get that set sword?

Added melee cold damage. Cold damage. Technically any added melee damage will help.

@Boardman21 which blessings you use?

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