Spellblade Passive nodes not working (Volka's Razor + Blade Weaver)

In the spellblade passive tree the nodes Volka’s Razor and Bladeweaver nodes do not impact the damage of a lot of spells they should given the descriptions. The descriptions are in the following screenshots.
Volka’s Razor Description
Blade Weaver Description
Both of these should give more/increased damage to non-equippable spells trigger by a melee attack over 10 mana, assuming we have bladeweaver stacks.

However for a lot of spells this is not the case. For example with the Surge melee attack (25 mana cost) the only spell I could consistently get to work was the “Tidal Wave” from its cold front node in its tree in Surges case. Other spells such as the fire auras from its “Fulmination” node do not get a damage increase.

In the case of equippable spells, Blade Weaver specifically does not increase their damage, but Volka’s Razor does not make a distinction. However Volka’s Razor does not work on static or lightning blast in the surge tree. In the case of spark charge I am unsure if it intended to work or not as it not a direct spell, but it does not benefit either.

Here is a video showing the fire aura damage being the same while using the passives and while not using the passives (556 damage with 8 fire aura stacks).

Here is a video showing static not getting the 18% more damage multiplier, the damage is a bit inconsistent due to some shred procs, but its clearly not getting the multiplier.