Spellblade pasive poins help

I am using this build planner atm:


What can i improve regarding realocating the points?
I dont know how well are the point allocated
Also another question ,Atm i dont have a good weapon so i will be using 2x Shard of the Shattered Lance.What is the best option?
1: 2x exalted blades
2: 2x Shard of the Shattered Lance
3:1 of each
4: exalted blade and bastion
4 Shard of the Shattered Lance and bastion

Also i saw alot of variation regarding building around shatter strike. Should i use more uniques (Frostbite Shackles,Snowdrift,Boneclamor Barbute ) or focus on exalter items? My goal is to make it so the build is tanky enough but also to have very good single target for bosses

Hey Fellow Spellblade,

Heres is my passive spec. I run 400+corruption easy. I find it easier to link my build than to comment on individual nodes.

The gear is from an offline build. I cannot load my online SB.

As far as skills, I believe that Shatterstrike is the best option for the class. Its fast, has additional cold pen, chill and freeze. It also builds ward which is your 2nd main defense behind movement speed.

For gear, weapon speed is the key. You want to build ward as fast as possible. Go with as much attack speed and cold damage as you can stack.
If you want to try the frostbite DOT, then go with the uniques you mentioned and then get two very fast weapons and as much freeze multiplier as you can. I currently have 2012%. You can do much more damage with the DOT once you have the gear. Keep an eye out for the bee sword. Its fast AF and builds ward as well as gives move speed, which you need a lot of since avoidance is your BEST defense.

Good luck and enjoy. I almost level 101 and not even close to bored with the build.

EDIT: the two set swords along with the set relic make for a nice starter set.

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Thank you so much for the explanations.I have some questions if you dont mind.
How is the boss damage on your build and how much of the mechanics you can facetank( not one shot ones ofc) ?

What is the diference between the frostbite version and normal one?( dmg wise)

If you had to make the perfect choices regarding gears(i mean what gives the best offcence and defence) what would you choose(as i see are alot of weapons options for example).I ask that because when i play i want to have a goal, and my goal with this char is to make it so all pieces are bis and having too many coises, i have no clue what is the best combination( excet making legendary items, it doesnt matter for me how hard is to get the drop i need)

If i have to choose, what is the order between attack speed, inteligence and dexterity stats?
Why dont you went for the Lost knowlege node that gives ward per mana?

Surge or Teleport?

My frostbites tick for 870 per and I can easily stack an average of 250 on a boss. I can facetank some mechanics but I feel that in LE that is a poor policy. Avoidance via movement speed is the key.

Frostbite does more.

2 Bee swords with LP1+ that have attack speed forged onto them. Farm the uniques you listed in ur OP. Then farm freeze rate on as much gear as you can.

Attack speed, intelligence( 4% ward retention adds up) forget dex doesnt add enough damage.

I never use a skill that costs more than 40 mana.

Teleport. I like the extra ward retention and inc elemental dmg buff.

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Thank you again for the reply.So then the goal is like this: Use your build planner until i have all the pieces needed( Frostbite Shackles,Snowdrift,Boneclamor Barbute and the 2x bee,non legendary) then swap to them and and then farm for LP on them.Is that good ?

Also i believe when i swap to that , there wont be needed any respec right?

What freeze rate does for the build beside make the enemy frozen more often?

And one more thing .Is the defence high enough not to use Witheout node from shatter skill ( to activate the extra ward from Lost knowledge) ? Do i lose alot of dps because i need to wave mana strike much more to count for the mana cost if i go Last knowledge ?
Forgive me please if i ask to many questions Going to sleep, after i wake up and have some time, i will try make a planer with what i think that will be the most bis gear and skills on my opinion, after all we talked and i will post it so you can see

You don’t have to wait for 2 of them. I use 1 and a WW shield or catalyst with T6 freeze multiplier. You will be able to farm high level corruption which will incur chances of a 2nd bee sword with LP.


Give an Asston of cold pen for frostbite as per the boots.

I respecd into whiteout and Lost Knowledge and with my AS and 400% frostbite chance and mana regen, its very playable. So I amend my suggestion on those 2 nodes.

Have a good rest.

I just had the time to put few basic combo build tools links .I have “few” combination atm.What is your opinion.There are just basics( skill points just to get dual, and pieces not sloted are fillers that will depend on my drops).

dual crystal sword wit uniques

dual crystal wit alot of exalted items

bee with alot of uniques

crystal sword with catalyst

bee with exalted items

What do you think? What is the best combo?
Until i get them i will use the shattered lace x2 and with the relic set and the 3 uniques

Snowblind Helm is better opt imo.

Frostbite Shackles aren’t interchangeable…they are a must due to the ward retention from overcapping the crap outta cold res.

nice dps

catalyst makes u more tanky for those tougher monos when modifiers start adding up.

bee with uniques better.

Also, The Strand of souls belt is a nice fit in this build. Not to hard to farm either.

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I understand. So the final choice is between dual swords or 2 bee ones.I think that will come also to what i drop.I do think if i get some well rolled exalted swords, that would be better than the 2 bee.Am i wrong?

The Bee is your BiS…until then, the crystal properly forged is.

Also, I am correcting my correction.

I originally was NOT specced into Whiteout/Lost Knowledge because it was too clunky and did not provide the dps/mana spent.
I respecced when you mentioned it in an earlier post and wen into arenas and it did well.
I then went into 402 corruption mono and got promptly destroyed. The dps isn’t high enough.
I suggest Whiteout/LK in lower corruption monos. At higher, ya gotta ditch em. You will know when it’s time.

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Skills, gear, passives

What do you think?

ShatterStrike will serve you better IMO if you take the 2 points out of Shiver and put them into Obliteration and Rimestrike. The 3 hits you get from each use of SS will apply max stacks of chill to ur target. In groups of mobs, that is a TON of damage mitigated. Bigger than the area/pen you give up. Against bosses it speaks for itself.

Mana Strike is another skill that has a unique purpose for me. Gain Mana. Keep in mind, if ur using mana strike u r NOT building massive ward each swing which makes u very vulnerable. I suggest u max Swift Sap and Sprite Blade. Unless you build crit, Critical mana isn’t worth any points. 4/5 in Rage Sap is a nice 4sec buff.

Flame Ward is a HUGE burst damage protection buff and an “oh sht” button. IMO, you have to max Barrier and Prismatic Buffer. I suggest you max them out along with Stalwart defense by taking the 7 points from Infusion, Frost Ward and Flame Aura. I think of Flame Ward as a defense skill, not dps.

Teleport is another skill that serves a specific purpose for me so I spec it as such. I max comet rush to get it off cooldown ASAP. Out of Mind just doesn’t provide enough ward to be worth the point IMO. Elemental Affinity is an ok buff buff I only put 3 points into it.

I am One Player, One Opinion. I hope this feedback helps.

Heres a link to my spec and gear…Spellblade, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0f) - Last Epoch Build Planner
I still need some work but so far this is working nicely.

Not on discord unfortunately but invite me in game and we can destroy monos.

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So bad im solo self found:( i will follow your advices.Atm i started to swap to your indications, the dps droped abut half but is because i dont have great gear atm.The tankiness tho is very high.Managed to beat normal abomination standin in all his mechanics and also in the dot pool

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Can you explain how, please? I max out at 44, but I’m only level 59.

Also, is there a way to spec / build Shatter Strike that doesn’t require Mana Strike weaving?

yes. Stack tons of mana regen…its a prefix so u will have to sacrifice alot of dps prefixes to make it work…It will only take 3-4 mana strikes to fill ur mana up to 300…with stacked AS, its too easy.

so far the build is gong goo, just got to empoered mono…I have a problem tho, a bug i think.My enchant weapond doesnt recast( i have the node to do it) or it does at random intervals.Like after 20 sec from the last time it did.I checked to have mana for it, to wait for the buff to expire so is not from that.Some times it activates 1 time and after 1 min only .When i am in echo of a world base, it works prefect.Only when im in a monolith it happens