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Spellblade ideas?

I am excited to see Spellblade in the class list. I cant wait to see which direction you take with the class. When I envision it, I see spells that summon weapons to be wielded. Like one that summons a 2h sword, that you would wield and replace whatever weapon you have slotted (But still used the stats possibly.) Specialization could give it area damage, increased attack speed, life steal, etc. And then one node could be for it to be a summon, so you could opt to go minion build instead, having lots of weapons running around doing your dirty work. And then maybe a mana shield that uses your mana as a damage shield to increase effective health pool. With specialization, could make it so kills return some mana, daggers float around you and damage enemies who get too close, etc.

All in all, I really like the idea of it being a melee style class enhanced by caster stats moreso than just what some other games do and like… shoot daggers instead of fireballs.

Can’t wait to see how it turns out.


We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Spellblade to Mage as a courtesy.