Spellblade build with flame reave as main attack?

Been looking for something like that. Only found one online but the representation in the video happened in a unempowered mono arena which I’m sorry to say, didn’t convince me.

Is this even a thing? Flame reave as main attack instead of the usual on-cooldown mega nuke?

Someone just posted a Flame Reave 500 corruption build on youtube (saw via lastepochtools).

havent watched it myself so I have no idea if its worth anything by you might want to see:

this is also a great place to find ideas and see builds others have created:

There I was instantly intrested in the build and instantly turned of by Firebrand and the need to wear the unique ring.It makes me sad every time but that’s just a me problem ^^.

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Agreed, that was more a Firebrand build than a Flame Reave one. :frowning:

Yeah I always feel bad if I have to use 2 bad skills to make them as worthwhile as one good skill. Sadly Spellblade has little room of choice when it comes to skills.