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Spellblade Added Damage Passives Not Working

Infused weapon (and perhaps other passives, I have yet to advance far enough to test them) is not conferring a damage bonus to elemental melee skills. I tested with both manastrike and flame reave, and my DPS numbers are identical both on tooltip and the practice dummy before and after allocating skill points to the passive.

Edit: ran into the same issue with the passive that adds dexterity and elemental damage to elemental skills. I added one skill point into a passive that buffs intelligence and no other damage stats, checked the DPS tooltips, and then re-specced into the dexterity/damage passive. The resulting numbers were the same for manastrike, which scales on both dex/int. The expectation would be higher dps from the dex/damage passive as opposed to the int passive, but this was not the case.

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On the dex/int test, did you check the tooltip’s alt text? That details the scaling you get from the attributes.

Yes, both intelligence and dexterity should increase the damage of manastrike by 4%. This means that the intelligence bonus from Arcanist in the base tree and the dexterity bonus from Prismatic Blade in the spellblade tree should increase the damage by the same amount. However, prismatic blade also is supposed to add +1 lightning damage to lightning melee attacks per point. Based on the wording of the passives and tooltips, Prismatic Blade should increase manastrike’s DPS by more than Arcanist for a 1 point investment, however this is not the case. They both increase the damage by the same amount.


I noticed the same thing as well today, infused weapon doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I thought prismatic blade did work, but if you’re right then it seems dex is the only thing modifying the damage there. Bump for this bug since it seems to be hurting my favourite tree :frowning:

Fire blood is working, which is written as “Melee fire damage”, but yeah no effect of “Fire damage for fire melee attacks” on flame reave. Weird.

I’ve confirmed these nodes are working. However because of the conditional way the added damage is applied by Prismatic Eclipse and Infused Weapon, they don’t show up in the tooltip DPS. I’ll make a note of this internally. Thanks for the report!


sorry if this is offtopic, but what about shield throw nodes ‘heavy shield’ and ‘forgeborn’? They dont change tooltip DPS nor increase my actual damage numbers
Same with a shield bash node ‘steel coating’ > 0 change when i allocate points in it

Thanks for the reply, Justin! Gonna go respec now.

Interesting, might have to try respeccing again and check the damage. Thanks!