Spell power doesn't increase ignite damage?

Does anybody know if this is intended or a bug? If you equip a piece of gear or learn a talent with increased fire, elemental, or damage over time your ignite damage increases, but not spell power. I didn’t want to post this in the bug section without knowing if it actually is a bug or not. Thanks for the help!

Bonus question: Intellect doesn’t increase ignite damage either. Though I feel that this is intended. But personally, I feel that it should increase ignite damage.

Intended. Ignites are statuses, not spells.

This should depend on the skill you used to apply the ignite. If the skill has increased damage from intelligence it should increase the damage of the ignite by the same amount (it won’t show up in your character sheet)

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Ah, I see! Thank you for the quick response and info. Now that I know ignite isn’t considered a spell that makes sense as to why spell power wasn’t increasing the damage hehe. And as for intellect increasing the damage of ignite depending on the spell used is good to know as well!

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Sorry, that one isn’t intuitive right now and we’ll work on improving the clarity of stat interactions. The mechanics guide that we are building in-game should help and we’ll also discuss more ways to have this communicated better in-line.