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Spell Damage?

I just started and noticed that the spells don’t say anything about base spell damage? I don’t know which spell is better than the other/more efficient without seeing those numbers - why are they hidden from us? or am I not looking in the right spot?


Hey there!

So to clarify - it’s not that we’ve chosen to obfuscate that information. Creating skill tooltips which reliably give accurate information is a lot of work, and it’s just something that we haven’t finished working on yet. You can definitely expect to see this implemented during beta.


So what about just having the base damage information on a skill? Like there is the base health on minions. That way we can at least calculate it ourselves somewhat, right?


exactly, knowing the base damage is very valuable to begin with.


So I a, curious about base spell dmg and spell damage. Is one better than the other? Since only spell damage affects the tooltip in the character pane it confuses me.
If I have a wand with 100% base spell damage and +25% spell damage (125% total)
75% base spell damage and +40% spell damage (115%) total
I assume the first one is better even though the second one will have a larger impact on my character pane damage.
PS: is there a place where we can actually see damage amount of spells?

They are multiplicative with each other. So first one is 100 * 25 = 2500x while second 75 * 40 = 3000x making second better if and only if these are only sources of damage. However first one (base) is multiplicative with all other and you can get increased spell damage from other sources so in most of the cases first wand would be better.

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