Spell damage or elemental damage for mage?

Since all mage spells are elemental, and spell damage is additive with elemental damage in calculations I think you need to choose items with higher value in one of this affixes. Right?
LIke 1% sd + 100% ed is same as 100%sd + 1% ed for mage?

You can use both

spell + elemental or spell + lightning/fire/cold

elemental more universal if you leveling new char (or 2x-elemental skill)
base dmg just have much dmg

so you actually get 155+ 156 = 311% increased lighting damage from this item?
And no matter how you get those 311 , 1 +310 will give same result?

Spell dmg don’t Increase elemental or other dmg directly
It’s increase spell dmg and work on skill with tag Spell
And if you have elemental spell skill than spell dmg will Increase this

As Omnitrio says, as long as the skill tags match, it doesn’t matter what flavour the % increased damage is. Just that more = better.

Spell damage boosts spells and elemental damage boosts elements.
All damage boosts that are tagged on the skill will boost the skill damage and are all added up and applied.
Note though there are a few skills that are melee attacks and not spells if your using these spell damage is useless.

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