Speed scaling Cascade Dancer - huge guide

Just wanted to comment that it’s playable in multiplayer - the ping makes things a little less smooth of course, but the dancing strikes bug is avoidable if you click per attack instead of holding down the key. I restarted for the mp launch I’m cruising at 200 corruption with pretty poor gear.

Thanks for this build, it’s by far the most fun + interactive playstyle I’ve found in this game. It’s refreshing to need to think about shadow placement and movement rather than just smashing one button and walking around.

Heh, good find, I didn’t thought you could spam the Dancing strikes button to make it work, I always pressed it like a channeled skill.

Thanks for the kind words, yeah the playstyle is quite unique, also is on the easy side, but has its intricacies.

Bug fixed!!!

Yeah!!! I tried it out right now. You can play dancing strikes properly again, also you can shift out of sync strike, it no longer stuck in place. The build is playable on MP.

Still, shift has a weird fraction of a second in place, and attack speed from weapons don’t scale, so we lose some damage.

Updated the MP part at the end of the guide, no longer holds the “not recommended in MP”, at least is playable.

So did you end up making a loot filter?

@Ninakoru , do you think there’s any way to make this viable with only dancing strikes? Wondering how much damage you can actually do with dancing strikes itself on its own, or if it just scales too badly and needs shadow dagger to work.

A bit bored of every build having shadow dagger, so trying to find a different playstyle instead of shadow daggers.

I didn’t go full damage with dancing strikes, the thing is the skill damage is low, you can’t scale speed to make up for it, on top of that, there’s no crit support in the skill itself.

It has a nice deal of more multipliers here and there, but everything has a downside, sometimes quite annoying.

Here’s a build concept, this must be tested but should largely work:

I changed the dancing strikes for that more damage. You need some reliable source of poison and bleed, ideally you want to do 1 stack of each with each hit for consistency. I left the arena as you will be focusing on dancing strikes, is quite helpful. went for the 30% of Shurikens, you may not need to use shift to regain the blade shield.

You also need to retool your other skills if you plan on going dancing strikes, i got smoke bomb and lethal mirage. Gone with more strikes, dodge buff and haste, and kill threshold on lethal mirage, smoke bomb for dusk shroud, some shred, silver shroud and lots of damage, also added crimson shroud and more increased crit on the passives in exchange of the shadow clone stuff. Also some bleed chance after shift in exchange of the clone + cascade. Also adjusted the ideal equipment, added some poison in one of the katanas instead of chill, crit per sword in chest, and the proper + skills.

@Ninakoru Cheers, that’s the feeling I’ve been getting as well with the skill, been trying to make it work in any way possible, but it seems that it’s always 100% relegated to a “supporting” skill, even though it’s the baseline skill for bladedancer, this makes me a bit sad.

Created this feedback topic on the issue(s) of Dancing Strikes (Dancing Strikes as a stand-alone skill feels lackluster), if you feel like dropping your 2 cents in there, would be appreciated.

Guess thats a no

Sorry, I didn’t get into it.
What about of the one that makes for you automatically the tools planner?

It gets the prioritize in some builds completely wrong, like im pretty sure itd put chance to chill on hit as a “you want that” mod on swords, while it looks like a pretty optional mod for me

Yeah, is a nice to have more than anything. Lately I feel stun chance is quite OP. ^^

I will try to do one in detail this afternoon.

Added the Endgame Filter, just after the planner on the guide.

Awesome, Thank you so much <3