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Specifics on Transplant

I’ve gathered so far that each explosion from Transplant is a “hit”, but what I can’t work out is whether each hit can apply an ailment or only the initial hit. Unfortunately its hard to test because most mobs die in one cast, and the dmg ticks you see on bosses don’t differentiate between between poison, bleed or ignite, so i honestly don’t know how anyone can tell if their skills are doing what they think they should be doing. For example, the bleed node that gives 100% chance, is that 100% to every separate explosion or just one? I feel like this is something that should be insanely easy to clarify in the skill descriptions, as in just change the text. Theres so much in this game that is poorly explained its no wonder everyone on the arena ladder is flocking to the same 3-4 OP builds. Yes i know its beta, but still, its simple descriptions in the game that don’t require coding, just text changes.

Each explosion of transplant is ONE individual hit, so any X% chance to apply Y is based on ONE hit.

Transplant baseline only hit once on the depature. Each additional body that you add at the depature or arrivial are all one individual hit. Which all should apply all your ailment chance (from skill tree + global stats).

If that’s not the case you should definitely do a bug report, but to some extensive testing before that.

I personally don’t have any issues with the description of such skills, since the fundamental basics of those things are pretty clear in LE.

There are definitely some skills that behave differently than you would expect, but transplant for me is not one of those.

So if i take the bleed node, it should apply 8 stacks of bleed, and as of writing, my bleed dmg is 349, so x8 should pop up on the dummy around 2972 dmg then. Hope this works coz my new build will be stupid godly.

I would be a little bit carefull with exact number estimations, but yeah you should expect number of bodies(so number of explosions/hit) * your bleed chance.

Not sure what your exact numbers are but i assume you are talking about having all the explosions from depature and arrival, so 8 in total i think and when you Transplanting “in the same place”, an enemy should get hit by all explosiosn which leads to 8 stacks of bleed.

That would be an expected outcome + any external bleedchance you have on gear and passives of course.

yeah thats what im assuming more or less

Tested vs dummy with and without Bone Curse after changing my gear a bit.

Bleed dps in char panel - 289
8 hits x 289 = 2312

Vs dummy - averaged between 680 - 750ish dmg per tick
Vs dummy with Bone Curse (75% bleed chance) - averaged between 900 - 1050ish per tick

In conclusion, something is broken.

i’m not sure you’re using the right base numbers in this case. the “base damage” of ailments on the char sheet is the damage they deal over their duration not DPS.

so 2312 would be the damage over 3 seconds(? maybe 3.5 or 4, can’t remember the base duration) which works out to 770.66 DPS, which seems to fit with your results.

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Bleed has a duration of 4s.

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in that case, he’s getting even better damage than he expected! that only works out to 578 DPS so he’s sneaking some extra in there somewhere.

It’s difficult to say without the figures, since those “680-750 ish dmg per tick” is with different stacks of bleed (since ailments don’t have a damage range).

Oh so thats whats wrong. The dmg is the total over 4sec, not each sec. That hasnt been made very clear before anywhere i can see.

It is on the damaging ailment lines on the character sheet.

Edit: If you hover over the bleed damage line the text says “The damage bleed deals over its 4s duration”.