Specific Unique Stash Tab ala PoE

Hello all, I don’t know if this has been posited before on here, although I’m sure it has at some point, but how does everyone feel about getting a single large unique tab to store all the uniques in the game, just like Path of Exile. This is earnestly my only complaint, and it’s really a small one but I feel it would be so much better to have that, otherwise the current stash tab system is great and I really enjoy how everything works from an inventory perspective. I would even be willing to pay for the opportunity to use a unique tab honestly, as I would love to just have all my uniques in one simple and easy place to manage them all as I only like to keep one at a time of each. Hopefully this isn’t redundant and perhaps I missed the thread where this was already discussed but I would be a huge fan of adding something like that to the game as it would be a great comfort. As it stands currently having to click through all my tabs with a search filter to find one unique seems unnecessarily time consuming and frustrating, and feeling punished for looting as I have to keep purchasing tabs which get more expensive, and wanting to favor uniques over maybe great items which I want to forge later for my other or current characters. But perhaps this is this intended way the developers want me to experience the game, but I hate to even complain because I enjoy the game so much as it is but just wanted to share this topic in the hopes of seeing if it was planned at all and I just missed it, or if this will never be added to the game, thanks.

I think this is a matter of them updating the tab search system than anything else.

If the search was as good as it probably could be, all you would need is a category for uniques and then several tabs in it reserved just for uniques. With a proper search, you could easily find one you want or find if you already have one.

Yes, but it would still be nice to have all your uniques in one place (& more easily searchable).


We get stash tabs for ingame currency to beginn with and I’m happy about it. I organise my stash tabs in a way where I can find anything I look for in an instant even if i use 200 tabs.

There are so many ways to chage the tabs it’s more then enough to keep it tidey.

Actually, no, at least for me, it is completely different.
This is a matter of collecting.
A special tab like PoE, or a compendium like Undecember, shows me which items I don’t have yet, and the prospect of completing a collection motivates me.

But that’s just me.

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Unless POE changed their Legendary/Unique stash tab, Imma say ‘no’. Having the ability to store 1 of each unique is nothing more than a collection book, and not a stash. Now, if it functioned like the Map tab, that would be awesome.

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They haven’t.

Yeah, that’s how I’d like it to function.

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These are great ideas as well, I never thought of a unification of the maps tab and the uniques tab, but that makes more sense for LE given the variety of the same uniques you get depending on legendary potential and implicit rolls you may want to keep a variety of the same legendary at your disposal. I think that would be the best implementation of a uniques tab in the game, would love to see it.

Hell, think of doing this same thing with an Idols tab as well. Would have 6 ‘Main’ tabs - General, Mage, Acolyte, Primalist, Rogue, Sentinel – and then sub-tabs for idol type - Large, Huge, Ornate, Grand or whatnot. I know this would fit in under the Affinity thread better, but thinking about this made me think of its usefulness for Idols as well.

I still think it would be more important for improved Search functionality first… but so much could be done with the Stashes in these regards.