Specific Crafting Advice Forge Guard/Forged Wpns

So I just dropped this.

This is a pretty sweet upgrade for my Forge Guard/Forged Weapons build.

While it’d been even better on a Dawn Sword base this is probably the nicest double Exalted I’ve dropped to date and it just happens to fit that build.

My only quandary right now is what other Prefix to put on it because I’m a bit skittish about what my MA will benefit from.

My current one has the same flat damage but t5 Melee Crit chance.

Should I do Attack Speed? Melee Crit Chance or something else?

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In my opinion it depends on what you currently have. If you are depending on crits and you need more crit chance or crit multi would be great depending on which you need most. Inc Attk Spd is always a great boost. If it were me with my current FG build with MA and FW I’d do the Inc Attk Spd.

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This is my build.

I’m not wrong when I say the attack speed WILL affect my MA correct? Because I have the weapon node.

Also, I use Multistrike to generate fast stacks of Armament and Smite. So it would make that even faster.

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