Space bear possibilities?

So while I’m at work, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around a build that i feel sounds awesome, but isn’t likely very… uh… efficient. Ive made great builds, but now I want a strictly fun build.

A void based werebear. I don’t expect something like this to push arena or even finish mono, but if it looked awesome and felt cool, I’d be happy.

So was curious if anyone wanted to discuss ideas for builds that just don’t typically sound feasible. Was thinking some of the void knight set would be decent, then just rares geared towards the usual, but with some void leaning. Ill have to look over uniques and such tonight and see what I can get going. Think Ill work on this voidbear idea when I get home and try to use any ideas that might come up. This might be rough lol.

Not sure if this is the place to post something like this, but here I go!

Yeah, I mentioned this to a friend a while ago, I’d love for a node to convert the bear (either werebear or the summoned bear) to void & it get the void turrets on it’s back.

I also wonder how the “Void Form” on Abyssal Echoes looks like, I keep meaning to try that.

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I second void turret bear!

Oh your ok with the bear going dark but not the sacrificing of baby cubs. I see how it is. I want baby turrents


There’s a level of darkness where even the void will not go. You reached that level with your baby bear sacrifices!

Evil knows no limits. There are no limits in LE

Is LE Last Evil?

In boardman language.

I’m totally ok with baby void turrets. Sounds awesome. If we can get baby scorpions (to the tune of baby shark), we should be able to get baby void bears with freaking lazor turrets on their back.

Mcfluffin is getting outnumbered as he sleeps :slight_smile:

We already knew Llama was evil before this, so I think that vote actually strengthens my argument.

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