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Spaaaaaaace - A summary of Idea's related to Space, the stars and all their destructive potential

DISCLAIMER: I have yet to play the game and as a result my views on Idea’s are as pure as pure can be, with out knowing mechanics, systems, or any of the coding/A.I. logic within the game.

The reason for this - I find it easier to share and create ideas with out such knowledge to limit or cloud the idea, and instead let those limitations and such be discussed by those who do have that knowledge, allowing for a more… flowing growth for the idea? If that makes sense. Anyways, enough rambling, onto the ideas!

With what little knowledge of the game’s internals I have, I am aware that all(?) skills are apparently going to have their own skill tree, this brings us to the nodes that add to or change the skill.

A TLDR can be found near the bottom and will be included for each idea I add, and is encouraged for any who decide to share their own space themed fun!

1.) Black Hole - As we know a Black Hole is the result of an intensely beautiful but exceedingly violent event, the death of a star who’s gravity collapses with such force it punches a hole in the fabric of space. That’s a loose way to put it.

So I’d like to propose the idea of a sort of ‘ultimate’ or if nothing else extremely High Risk, High Reward node which would activate over Three stages:

Stage 1 - The sorcerer/star mage/whatever summons a small but insanely hot star, the radiating energy DoT’ing enemies within range to ash, their essence absorbed into the star which will gain charges, increasing in size visually and with its AoE, as well as damage, while decreasing the star’s stability.

Stage 2 - Two things have happened by this point, A.) The star has reached the end of its timer, and collapsed releasing its built up charges with a beautiful super-nova which then enters into Stage 3. or B.) The star has reached maximum charges and its stability thus collapses the star into its maximum strength super-nova, and then moves into Maximum strength Stage 3.

Stage 3 - The star has collapsed with such force that now a Black Hole has been birthed (This black hole could possible be augmented by other nodes in the tree), Depending on the charges upon its creation its size, damage, and duration would be equal to the charge count. It is with this you’d see small or titanic rips in space devastating all in their wake.

Pros: Insane AoE, and high to extreme DoT with a moderate to extreme Crowd control effect.

Cons: FRIENDLY FIRE - The wrath of the stars is something no man nor creature should truly ever hope to contain or control as such ALL stages of this ability would cause (Likely half or a %) of damage to the player them self, increasing as the star grows stronger to its climactic supernova. Likewise the Black Hole’s gravity would effect the player equal to the charge stack as well.

TLDR: Three stage nuke that doesn’t care who’s team you’re on. Designed as and for an All-or-Nothing style of game-play. Visually beautiful, mechanically nuclear. The risk of trying to tame the cosmos should equal the power it gives for those that survive.

2.) Black Hole - Yup, still on this skill. The next idea I’d like to share is some form of Defensive node/skill to fit the theme! Someone who has tapped into such gravitational force no doubt has ways to contain its awesome power to some degree and it is with this we delve into projectile absorption and the Event Horizon (No not the film.)

The idea - The sorcerer brings forth a small contained Black Hole that orbits or fuses with their body/armour and for its duration (Or if its toggled on and off) the Black Hole has a % chance to absorb incoming projectiles while also causing a minor DoT to Melee attackers (Possibly even very very slightly pulling them in towards the player. A gift for melee casters)

The Event Horizon or ‘Point of no Return’ - For the giggles of it I think it would be neat to have a drawback to this, that being should the ability absorb too many projectiles too quickly (Say it counts the chance procs as charges) and reaches a cap, the Black Hole could suddenly expand, consuming all nearby enemies within a radius including the player, banishing them all briefly while releasing a powerful DoT before spitting them all back out. Likewise, there could be a % chance for this ability to also absorb projectiles the Player fires, thus adding to the risk (Or advantage) of building the stacks.

Pros: ‘Haha! your projectiles mean nothing to me!’ Also mini ‘Get over here!’ for the melee casters. - And for those feeling brave enough to risk the Event Horizon, a brief reprieve from a huge burst move from a Boss, if you somehow manage to force the proc! Hope you can survive the DoT.

Cons: ‘Haha! your projectiles mean no-- Oh god where am I… Everythings cold, I can’t breath. HGNK’

TLDR: Projectile Vacuum with a chance to completely change the field of battle briefly, allowing for high risk high reward game-play, for those brave enough - and for the cautious, giving them a way to endure a barrage with quick toggling or dashing to cover before the stacks over-flow.

As I think of more Ideas and eventually get to playing the game I will try to add more fun space-themed thoughts that come to mind. I personally think the use of such things is oddly limited in Fantasy games of many genres and styles, so any chance to play an astral mage is wonderful to me.

For those that want to discuss how these ideas would be balanced n so forth, feel free to do so!

Thanks for making it this far!

  • CannibalCrayons :crayon:

You’ll be happy to know that Black Hole is already a Sorcerer skill, though admittedly not nearly as elaborate as you have here.

Oh I know it is, I’m just offering idea’s for nodes to use with it! <3 Thank you though.

Greetings! A new day and a new reply as I have new ideas I wish to share. As much as these are just pipe-dream ideas for the sake of sharing, I hope everyone enjoys or draws some inspiration. Today we’ve got some Unique items I thought of.

The Star Forger

  • One handed hammer
  • X Melee Physical Damage
  • X Increased Melee Stun
  • X Spell/Melee Fire Damage
  • X% Chance on Melee Stun to proc ‘Spark of Creation’
  • ‘Spark of Creation’ Upon Stunning an Enemy, The Star Forger forges a Star upon the broken remains of it’s foe. The created star lasts for X seconds causing X Fire DoT in an AoE around it.
  • Hidden Passive MTX: When wielded with Armageddon’s Anvil, Each swing of the Hammer brings forth the sparks of creation (Each strike against a foe with the hammer causes sparks to fly from the impact as though striking an anvil.)

Possible Flavour Text: “There is no greater Forge-master than the Cosmos itself.”

Armageddon’s Anvil

  • Shield
  • X Increased Block Chance
  • X Added Block Protection
  • X Increased Melee Stun
  • X% less Attack Speed
  • X% chance on Block to proc ‘Anvil Impact’
  • ‘Anvil Impact’ Upon blocking, Armageddon’s Anvil pulls forth from the heaven’s a great ‘Anvil’ (Asteroid/Meteor) to crush it’s Foes. AoE, Does X Physical Damage in the impact zone, and X fire damage in the area around the impact. Possible Ignite.
  • Hidden Passive: If wielded along side The Star Forger, the immense gravity of the star at the core of the hammer pulls down a hail of smaller meteorites around the player when ‘Anvil Imact’ procs, doing X AoE fire/physical Damage to nearby foes. Lasts X seconds.

Possible Flavour Text: “Upon this Anvil I craft the very essence of destruction, so that life may be seeded anew wherever it may land.” (Cheeky reference to the Dinosaurs and their demise cause I thought it was neat.)

As always thanks for reading, and more Ideas will be added as time goes along!

  • CannibalCrayons :crayon:

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