South African Server's

I wonder if there will be any south african servers? because i mean we all play on a constant ping / ms of 160-200 and sadly we cant really enjoy the game so much like that, and im sure there’s afew south africans playing, so either a south african server or gate way pls if possible

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I can’t answer your question however I am curious how does this ping affect you exactly.

When I play on other servers that are far away from me (like Asia or US) I have 150-250ms but the game is still very much playable. I barely notice any difference.

I actually praise LE a lot for the netcode. They achieved a very smooth experience even with medium ping(100-200ms).

So I wonder if this is an issue more people have in other regions or if this is a SA issue or a issue of your specific region

oh there is a massive differene, so when we teleport/ flame dash, we get stuck or it teleports us back and forth, when we run around we teleport back and worth, and i mean i got good internet, but yes, there is a massive differene, like for example path of exile, they never had south african servers before, so alot of south africans could not play melee builds, untill they gave us a server, so alot of builds we cant play, alot of builds have delay, for example i play arch mage, and even my skeleton lags out, it runs all over “teleports all over” then starts attacking, big delay.

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When you say “we” you say that you know other players having the same issues?

The rubber anding you describe happens from time to time to me as well, but it’s not game breaking.

But overall from my testing even with that ping I never had such substantial issues.
I deliberately tested with people from other regions and we never had issues even with people in the party that had 200+ms

Well im letting every 1 know, i mean if you from south africa u would see for yourself sadly, there is no other way to explain it, that “WE” lag, there are afew of us playing, and we notice it… we CAN NOT play MELEE builds it struggles now and then, and the rubber banding is not just “now and then” its 80% of the time, that rune mage build, cant play it properly, delay in the spell casting so yeah, in general we ask for a south africa gate way - server if possible…

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