Sound design on bosses needs some serious work

For a long time I’ve been wondering why bosses in this game feel so boring and wimpy. Some of it is too much reliance on circles on the ground, not enough telegraph animations. But a lot of it is the sound design.

You keep improving the visuals of the game in every patch, but the sound design remains absolutely pathetic. Look at the undead dragon boss from the monos - is there a sound effect to any of his stuff? He makes a massive explosion with no sound effect. He breathes blue fire, blood is splattering. I hear none of it. It’s like a v0.2 placeholder. How did this make it into 1.0?

It’s just one example of the overall feel of bossfights in this game. Fighting bosses I usually feel disengaged and disconnected from the fights. They feel floaty and wimpy.

Please hire some sound designers and do it right for 1.1, especially since you’re focusing on endgame bosses.

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100% agree to everything you’ve said. I’d also like to expand this to sound design in general.

I just started leveling a Primalist and had to alt tab out of the game just to get some thoughts down about the utterly terrible sound design on his skills. Gathering Storm and Tempest Strike both have decent sound on the melee swing, but the supporting lightning sound effects are just…barely there. Lightning should crack, pop, thunder, crunch. In this game it just sort of…fizzles. Its sizzles a little. It whispers at you.

Then I unlocked Upheaval. An Earth skill that “sunders the ground”. I was excited to try it out…until I actually heard it. It sounds like someone gently tossing a wet napkin against a wall and then scattering a handful of sand on the ground. I’m baffled here. Earth attacks should rumble and crunch and thunder with the sound of rocks splitting and shearing.

Same goes for Fury Leap. A “barely there”, mild grunt of effort, followed by a little squish into the ground. I mean my god, the skill effect shows the earth splitting and rocks jutting up where you land, and all you hear is this pathetic little splat.

Sound design absolutely needs to be looked at. It dramatically impacts the feel of these skills, and the boss fights you noted. EHG you’ve been trying, and failing, for years to improve your sound design. Please step up to the plate here.