Sound design in weapon blows/impacts should be more impressive!

Hey Guys, amazing game you are cooking, i would like to leave a suggestion to make the game still better. I feel the FX sounds for weapons and the weapon impacts could be much better. When i go around with my Paladin blowing my sword around i really lack the feel of impactfullness, i’ve already heard some other people complaining about this and usually they regard this problem to the animations and mob reaction to the blow, but part of the culprit in my opinion is the sounds fx, i think the melee blows in general sound too thin…, i think a weapon sound should be gritty but at same time should kick you (maybe layering a sound fx or boosting the low frequencies of the sound).
Another thing that would give more depth is having a unique sound for each kind of weapon, a mace blow doesnt sound same as a sword blow… etc…
I think this would improve greatly the satisfaction whilst killing enemies…

Thanks and good luck with the development of this great game


This sounds like the kind of thing you might see more focus on after multiplayer releases, but before 1.0 does–when they’re putting the polishing touches on the game before “official” launch.

I’m not sure what the sound guy/gal would be doing related to multiplayer. IMO there’s no reason to not rework the weapon impact sounds while they’re not working on new skills or new music.

Sure, they might have the time before then. I just think there’s a lot more work they still have to do first. They’re still working on a number of skills and have a couple masteries to finish up, not to mention other content we haven’t seen yet. It’s just reasonable conjecture.

Absolutely,!! they have a ton of things to work on!! we are not discussing the priority of things to work on but if is worth to work on, maybe is a thing only i noticed and no one gives a damn :grin:
but sincerely i think the sounds should improve a lot, and like Llama8 said there’s no reason to begin to improve those things right away. i just revisited Path of exile to check this very thing, and oh lord, the impact sounds are so much satisfying!

Yeah, I wasn’t saying they shouldn’t do it. I just think it might be awhile before we see a lot in this category.

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I would go ahead and say all sound effects and music could use a little beefing up! Starting up the game the first time, this singular fact stood out to me the most!

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There are sound fx & music?
I’m one of those who turn such things down to inaudible levels so I can hear the TV going in the background :smiley:
Ok, so I guess I’m now on the sound dev’s “most wanted” list… :gun:

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