Soulfire Relic DPS calculation seems off

Running a Acolyte focused on Hungering Souls, wanted to change to a fire based build utilizing the Soulfire relic.

It seems that the Soulfire Relic is causing damage drops, despite the fact that my increases to fire are much higher than my increases to necrotic.

Player.log (32.8 KB)

I am not very experienced with acolyte so I am going to ask very generic question to see if you are not missing something.
Do you have +X necrotic spell dmg somewhere? Passives, or weapon? That could mess with the tooltip
Have you tried on a ennemy?

Side note : dps tooltips are… Unreliable at best

I do have a dagger that offers +64 spell necrotic damage, but I’m not sure how that would affect the tooltip so immensely.

I agree with your assessment that the dps tooltips are unreliable. The entire character sheet needs a do-over. There’s an absolutely immense amount of stats and numbers needed for this game - their current method of providing extra information is unhelpful at best, and downright frustrating at worst.