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Soulfire Hungering Souls

Was wondering if anyone has gotten this build to work? I assume its not great since DoTs seem to be not great right now. I jumped on and tried it for a little bit and it did okay at Monolith level 55 (was a 55 character as well) stuff with zero investment.

From what I’ve seen the dot portion is just extra damage and straight crit focus works better.

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I’m currently playing this but only made it to Act 8 so far. However, it’s the most fun I’ve had in this game so far. I’m using Death Seal with Devouring Release for extra damage and Infernal Shade/Bone Curse for extra resistance reduction and armor shred. It just melts through everything especially in Reaper Form and does surprisingly well in boss fights.

I was wondering, however, whether the damage added through nodes like Ravenous (+x spell necrotic hit damage) is converted to fire as well. The tooltip dps increases just slightly when I put points into it, so I feel like it’s not really working as I was hoping. I mainly focused on dot as well so far, since it synergizes with Infernal Shade, but as Kulras already mentioned, it might perform even better when focusing on the hit damage.