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Soulfire - How can you ignite yourself?

Is there anyway to ignite yourself since Calamity got changed? Also why is soulfire designed to accomplish the exact same thing the skill tree does with Fire Skull (not to mention its hidden behind nodes that make it 1 skull and you can never stack enough ignites for it to be valuable whatsoever). It seems redundant and ineffective. Design features like this are quite off putting and need attention.

There are currently no ways to ignite yourself.

Also having skill spec trees, passives and uniques doing a conversion is not redundant in a bad way, but in a good way, since it has different opportunity costs.

In your example, you are forced to transform Hungering Souls in one big soul, when you wanna go the Ignite route in the skill spec tree.
With the Unique Soulfire, you can use Hungering Souls for AoE, while still using Fire/Ignite damage.

If you are only using Hungering Souls to clear you really don’t need the Ignite Effectiveness/Duration.

Yea, I get that and it’s kinda my point …I don’t know of too many builds that utilize multiple damage skills efficiently enough to do 300+ corruption. It’s either all or nothing for most class skills. There are some minor exceptions, but even then the single target damage isn’t very good for bosses anyway.

Hungering Souls itself is in a pretty bad spot.

And if the skill tree get’s more interesting options to spend points in, Soulfire will passively become better, because you will have way more skill points to spend on other nodes then.

But regarding 300+ Corruption builds, that use multiple skills:
Basically every single build I play uses at least two damage abilities, maybe even tree.
Sometime the filler skill also deals decent amounts of damage, sometimes your filler skill solely regenerates mana.

I basically don’t play any build ,where the vast majority of the dmg comes from one single ability and I never had any problem running 300-500 corruption.

There are some exceptions with cooldown gated builds, where your main damage comes from one single skill, but you still use all other skills for utility and debuffs, but that’s going off-topic here anyway.

The whole “all or nothing” thing is really not that prominent in LE, compared to other similar games.
I see a lot of people still do enjoy these types of builds and there were always and currently are a lot of these builds, but it’s not really mandatory, it’s more because people seem to enjoy them more, because a big portion of the playerbase wants to not thing too much about usign different skills for different situations.

But that’s a mentality thing and not agame balance thing IMO.

LE does an excellent job of making all 5 skills you pick to specilize count.

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What builds do you play that use two different attacking damage skills? Like one for aoe and 1 for single target? I don’t mean that you don’t have other skills that compliment each other… like trigger casting smite doesn’t count…

I don’t even know where to start, I could write you probably about 100 builds, where I actively use 2 or more skills for different situations/scenarios.

Without going into details about all of them, just some examples of builds that I actually played over the last couple of months (these are not theorycrafted and actually played):

  • Spirit Plague (with Scourge, no spread) for Rares and Bosses; Wandering Spirits + Drain Life for AoE
  • Soul Feast AoE, Rip Blood/Marrow Shard ST
  • Lightning Blast ST, Meteor/Volcanic Orb AoE
  • Meteor/Volcanic Orb ST, Lightning Blast AoE
  • Mana Strike ST, Shatter Strike/Flame Reave AoE
  • Rive ST, Erasing Strike AoE
  • Forge Strike AoE, Smelter’s Wrath ST
  • Warpath AoE, Void Cleave ST
  • Dancing Strikes AoE, Letahl Mirage ST
  • Shuriken AoE, Lethal Mirage ST
  • Detonating Arrow AoE, Flurry ST

I could go on for ever and a lot of these builds even have a 3rd damaging skill in there sometimes.

Also I played a lot of buidls that use skills for sustained dps and some for bursty dmg as well.

You’ve misspelled Harvest quite a lot there mate.

Also, I didn’t know you were actually Irish!

can any of those builds kill t4 julra in under 5mins?

What is this now?

Measuring how effective builds are?

Pretty sure most of them can.
I don’t know for sure though for a lot of them, because a lot of these I have not played in 084 again.

Some builds can kill her with ease for sure, other maybe not, but those might excel at MoF Echoes

But does it really matter?
The point was not, what are the best builds, but if there are functioning builds that use more than one damaging ability.

And I personally almsot exclusively play these type of builds.
You don’t have to like them.

You could even say they are not viable, but viable is a subjective thing anyway.

Not sure which metrics are the most important to you, but Arena, Julra and MoF Echoes all have pretty different requirements, so a lot of builds are not good for all 3 of them anyway.


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