Soulfire Bug

All previous Soulfire threads seem to have closed so i created a new one.

Wanted to try Shield Throw Paladin with Soulfire Relic but there doesn’t seem to be any difference in my Armor when testing on dummy either 1) with soulfire equipped or 2) without Soulfire equipped (no other relic just empty equip slot).

My unbuffed Armor is 1887 and in both cases spamming shield throw maxes my armor out at 4942 either with or without Soulfire equipped

That would be because the dummy can’t ignite you. Soulfire’s armour buff would only be in effect if you have been ignited, not if you have ignited something.

Not a bug.

i then dont understand the Soulfire mechanics … it has inherent chance to ignite on hit then added chance to ignite on hit with fire or necrotic skills … i would think that means that when those proc then the 100% armor buff procs ?

Assuming it’s not bugged & the effect matches the text, “while ignited” means while you are ignited. If it were related to you having ignited something else then it’d probably say something like “increased armour if you have ignited an enemy recently”, like the node above it (“increased fire damage if you have killed an enemy recently”).

Like LLAMA8 said,
It is a stat: “100% increased armor”
with a condition: “while ignited”
When you’re on fire, your armor is increased.

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