Soulfire Bastion Progress Blocked

Playing through the Soulfire Bastion dungeon in online mode, I made it to Soulfire Keep only to encounter a door that I cannot open and no alternative paths to go down?

I experienced another bug preventing progress in Lightless Arbor as well, but have no video footage. The very first room I entered had invisible walls at all exits to the room, and when I walked into them I bounced off.

Log file link:

Video for Soulfire Bastion: Last Epoch - Soulfire Bastion Progression Bug - YouTube



I’m experiencing the exact same problem with Soulfire Bastion and Lightless Arbor dungeons.

I also just experienced a Soulfire Bastion bug. Entered Tier 2 for the first time. When looking to enter the portion after using the key, there was no entrance/door icon on minimap to show an entrance. As I walked around, it then teleported me into the dungeon seemingly to a random point. As I went through, everything seemed to function normally.

When finding doors, however, I was not able to go through. I received the message “Server: [LE-67] Dungeon Entry Door is already in use.” This occurred at any door I tried.

I was able to keep walking around, but all of the sudden, as I was walking, I was teleported (wasn’t near a door) via loading screen to a non-connected area. This area had no mini-map layout and was clearly just a backdrop in an empty void. I could not move or open a teleport, but I could shoot my bow. and open UI elements as normal.

Pretty funny. Screenshots noted via imgur: