Soulfire Bastion - Out of screen attacks cause 95% of my deaths

Specifically, this attack or the cousin with its fire/physical attack.

I remember this being the same in the Early Access and discussions about it, but apparently nothing has been done.

It doesn’t help that having even passives like Void Flux is basically useless as you do 100 - 0 in this dungeon as well as being constrained by the dungeon design of long corridors with no space to dodge and the abilities visual clutter making it really hard to see anything.

I have no idea how this dungeon could be made less frustrating but something should be done imho.

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Exactly. I run this dungeon for while and lot of times i just see a death screen without any sense.
Im necro/wraith and most of time im scared to move in front of my wraith because of this. I cannot imagine how it goes with melee classes but it must be absolute terror.
The most of time i run this dung few times before i even get to boss.
Even when i use transplant for jump out in small corridors sometime just stuck me on place because collision with something.

I ran it as a void knight warpath because I like suffering.

Warpath get stuck in the most absurd situations for some reason and sentinel is arguably the worst class for traversal skills.

Also, I tried the whole evening while playing with a warlock. I swear to god the entire screen was just “R E D”.

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I noticed this aswell, very unfair, my solution now is to always keep moving. The attack in question has a relatively long cast time and it targets the area you were in at the start of the cast.

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I thought the same, but then I noticed that some attacks have a very short window between the marker on the ground and the actual attack being executed.

I can’t tell for sure because the death always arrive from outside the screen but between the possessed golem (or fire equivalent) or the Siege Golem (either elements) one has a very quick execution of their attack, the other is slower.

Also, there is some attack that bounce after the first hit and the bounce wasn’t marked, I simply noticed once because I moved out of the marked area and the bounce killed me. Fun times.

Edit: oh, and when playing with others, the “keep moving” isn’t helping either because maybe an attack is targeting your friend and you happen to be just behind and get slammed in the face while your friend is safely ahead because “keep moving” :laughing:

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I can see that enemy immediately after taking a break somewhere out of the game and getting those bonuses on his account and the crowds of little enemy minions cheering and giving him gifts because he did double kill :joy:

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