Soulfire Bastion is overtuned

Majority of this game has been too easy. Soulfire Bastion though is on totally different scale. I’ve burned many keys trying to complete on T4 only to be 1 shot tons of times while going slow AF trying to make sure I have the proper shield up. Everything in the game up to this has been a learn to play issue when I’ve died but SFB is definitely overtuned.

Eh, it is kinda crazy how much damage they do. but… thats why you have a damage immunity shield.

You might be too squishy for t4 if every small enemy is blowing you up. and the boss is a skill check(A hard one imo, but still) the small enemies do a decent amount, but screwing up the shield here or there shouldnt be losing you the runs before the boss unless its like a siege golem, and those guys are telegraphed.

I would say it is one of the hardest dungeons however, as the gimmick is quite punishing if you are not on top of it.

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Still sounds like an experience issue. Are you on a decent level compared to the dungeon? Are you tanky enough? Do you kill fast enough? Did you play the dungeon dozens of time so you can say “I know what I do!”?

If every answer is yes then A the dungeon is overtuned or B skill issues. It took me a while to wrap my head arround this dungeon and I’m sure everyone will sooner or later but yeah… this dungeon is a swift kick to the nuts if you go in there unpreped.

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