Soulfire Bastion Forced Teleport Into Out of Bounds Softlock

When attempting the second tier of Soulfire Bastion with 2 players, in the first main room on two different occasions, happening to the Rogue the first time and the Sentinel the second time, we’ve received a message saying we are “Entering Soulfire Bastion” as if we were transitioning zone even though we were in the middle of the room. It would then place the player in the same room far out of bounds softlocked, unable to move or teleport out. When a portal is created by the player it puts it in bounds out of their reach. If you open the map and attempt to teleport anywhere, the teleport does not initiate, forcing a force close and ultimately ending your dungeon run.

Here is an image of where we get teleported to.

Well, i have had the exact problem. Men i play with my friend i have been teleported 2 times now. The only 2 times i we have been in the dungeon. Im in werebear form every time. Hope they fix this soon…

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