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"Soul for a Soul" node (Reaper)--should it increase spell damage too?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m running a damned build with drain life as my primary attack. It’s a lot of fun! Level 72 currently and melting many faces.

So I was just looking at the efficiency of Reaper’s Ascendance. It maxes out at !00% increased spell damage, and that takes 7 nodes (not to mention the downtime when charging). Should be able to get a lot more out of Soul for a Soul and Reaper’s Curse. However, when I added a point in Soul for a Soul, my Drain Life damage (tooltip DPS) remained the same. And yes I was in Reaper form when testing this.

Does “Soul for a Soul” not apply to all damage??

Thanks for any suggestions!

Does the % increased spell damage line on your character screen increase with points in Soul for a Soul?

Did you added the skill points, while you were in an active reaper form?

All the benefits Reaper Form gives you, get snapshotted, when you enter.
So when you change something on the tree, you need to re-enter a new reaper form to apply all new bonuses.

And yes I was in Reaper form when testing this.

I’m pretty sure I went in and out of Reaper, but I’ll double check this too.

I’ll need to level up the skill again to retest it. Will post when I know.

@Heavy was right. I needed to go in and out of Reaper form before the bonus appeared.

Without Reaper, my increase to spell damage is 330%. Each point in Soul for a Soul is adding 10 to that number, so with two points I’m now at 350%. The stated increase on the node, however is +20%.

Edit: For comparison, the Reaper’s Curse node “Increased damage: 25%” (no plus sign) adds exactly 25% to magic damage.

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