Soul Feast replacement for Lich

Since Warlock is getting Soul Feast, I just wanna know if Lich is gonna get something to replace it. Nobody used it for anything but free armor cause it was bad at anything else ( I’m happy the armor scaling was lowered tho) but still it fits with Reaper Form better than warlock from a lore perspective.
Again, I don’t want details cause if it wasn’t a secret, we’d know about it already, but just want to know if its gonna get gimped with 4 skills or get something new.
Lich/Acolyte could use many tweaks, since many interactions that were obviously thought of are kinda bad and nobody uses em (like marrow shard splinters should work well with golem and death seal should prolly increase minion defenses a lot and not damage since the only reason I can see for death seal on minions is to have a way to use it while having a ward build and hungering souls hit damage tied to minions that are also gonna get 1 hit killed is also really bad, but I’ll stop here since Shaman and Forgeguard need tweaks more xd.
Brought those things up cause everyone that plays a lot of Acolyte is aware of em and complains, but not as feedback in forums. (honestly nowadays pple forget these even exist)

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Losing Soul Feast is hardly going to gimp Lich, as you said, it’s not a popular skill. And you do get access to Chaos Bolts (which is looks awesome).

How would you feel if I cut your pinky off cause you weren’t using it? (just an example, I wouldn’t cut anyone’s finger off unless they owed me money and I did use it with death seal btw)

I’mo It should have like a skill that debuffs enemies to take more damage, that stacks with cast speed to give pple something other than rip blood to use and name it Death Clock or something and have each stack show on an animated clock on top of enemies and when it reaches midnight it should have an increased debuff effect (and a sound effect), And have nodes to make it ground targetable or increase area, or number of affected targets.

Or a damaging skill since it only has buffs that can be specced for damage but not the other way around.
Hardly anyone plays Lich or makes builds for it, therefore it has problems, even if it’s good at some things, a lot of stuff is wonky.

@Llama8 is british, so he needs his pinky to point out while he’s drinking tea.


I really do.



It was posted 2 days ago, the devs are balls to the wall getting 1.0 out. If you really need an answer, you could ask them in discord or on the stream in a few hours?

No Lich is not getting a replacement. Lich is not the only class that is missing skills.

Paladin and Lich both have only 4 skills, 2 exclusive 2 accessable.
Rogue is missing 2 base skills as well + Bladedancer and marksman only have 4.

I am pretty certain that these holes will get filled within the next patch major patches after 1.0.

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its not the same thing, its like I take your house and give it to the next person, that is already rich.