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Sorceror suggestions

I’ll try to focus the comments on gameplay and fun rather than numbers, because its only alpha so numbers are mostly irrelevant for now I guess :
Sorceror :
Whats the perk of being a sorceror (by perk I mean : what makes it different, original, fun, what’s its selling point) ? The two things I can guess from the passive tree right now is weaving between multiple elemental spells and perhaps on a lesser note strong spells (crit multi) and damage over time. There’s also good ward retention and some mana stuff.
- Ward stuff : either remove it (or move it to spellblade), as spellblade focuses more heavely on getting ward, or add another source of ward gathering / reinforce the ward-gathering passives in the spells themselves
- Strong/crit spells : expand by adding effects rather than power (crit multi), or perhaps on top of power. Right now playing crit spells is a big big investment with insufficient returns (spell passive points, gear, class passives), but once again thats just numbers. Adding fun/different effects on crit could be interesting. On this note, player buffs or effects that cant happen over 1 time per second are preferred to “X per crit” which adds to the “Y on hit” pool of troublesome stuff (on the side of system calculations)
- Mana theme : now this is really interesting and feels more uniquely tied to sorc, especially as there are “early” passives that build up the mana pool, but I would add stronger mana stuff way up into the sorceror tree to make it more interesting (and possibly fix the current mana problems, but thats just numbers). More specifically, adding more mana-oriented passives into the spells would be great. Stuff like whats on Mana Strike, but for sorceror whom feels more “mana-class”. Strong synergies with mana on gear too (circlets). On the same topic, how about Robe base armors with mana regen% on it? Just make it so that it cant roll armor, perhaps not even glancing blow, and it’d fill the niche of helping out with the mana problems and not just giving free power to any character in need of mana (losing armor and even more glancing blow % would mean a lot)
- Elemental weaving : Really fun theme, but right now the reward for it feels very lackluster. Two ways to fix it, either buff the reward (= give a lot more %spell damage to element X after using element Y), either add another reward (much more interesting). Suggestions for more interesting rewards :

  • give good cast speed buffs (self-synergy without being overpowered as it also grows the mana-costs rather then damage per spell)
  • give ward (ties into another theme of the class)
  • give mana back or a buff based on mana (see mana category)
  • some kind of overall speed buff, as being a sorceror means kiting a lot (requires both movement and cast speed)

- Specific skills talk :
Considering the “elemental weaving” strongpoint of sorceror, adding more elemental conversions (the like of Volcanic Orb => Ice Orb) would help, and also possibly changing the spell’s icon + specific mention of “this spell is now considered an ice spell”.
Reasoning : It limits easy and boring self-synergy with the elemental weaving passives (its not the case here because the passive goes the other way : +fire damage if used a cold skill, but could easely become abusable if other conversions are added), but on the contrary adds a lot of build options as the mage passive trees are filled with “X or Y effect for Fire/Cold/Lightning spells”. So being able to change/add to a spell’s tags (if thats possible/not a problem system-wise) would be awesome with this class :slight_smile:

That’s it for sorc, and on a last note : I suggested many synergetic passives, but it should be taken with some salt, as too much/only synergy is really really bad. A little bit helps define themes, but too much forces the players hand into the one efficient playstyle and kills all possible theorycrafting.
Edit : by synergetic passives I meant in the passive tree, not what I meant for spells, as the spell diversity and having their own trees already offer a lot of options.

Thanks for the excellent feedback! Will share with the team.

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