Sorcerer's lightning passives not working on lightning fireball

I’m playing a 50% fire/50%lightning fireball and the lightning passives are not working on fireball I’m not gaining dps when I add lightning damage/penetration passives from the sorcerer tree and… the passive node that gives you 80% increased critical strike chance ( double for lightning skills) is not giving the double chance for fireball. All of this should work if fireball has the lightning tag.

Same issue here.
Can’t say if it’s just the tooltips that are not working, or if it is broken entirely.

When I picked the Plasma ball, I had some items with quite a lot of +% fire damage on (and none with +% lightning damage), so I did expect the dps of the spell on the tooltip to decrease, as losing 50% of that fire damage bonus should far outweight the gain from the critical multiplier from Plasma ball. But it did not happen, the damage just increased by a portion comparable to what would the bonus crit multiplier add.
So at the very least, the tooltips still think that it’s 100% fire damage. Or in the worse case, the conversion and lightning tag do not work at all.