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So I’ve been playing a lot of mage and I think Spellblade is in a really good place. Recently I’ve tried playing a “Battlemage” Sorcerer (think mid-range, mobility and sustained damage), I ran Fireball, Fire Shield, Ice Ward, Teleport and Meteor. I gotta say it was really underwhelming, my Fireballs did insignificant amounts of damage and my Meteor hit as hard as two Mana Strike autos from my Spellblade. Dumping my entire mana pool into meteors and having them do half the enemies health bar in damage is not fun. Due to this I was out of mana a lot and spent the majority of my time running circles.

I would love for sorcerer to have a larger mana pool and higher base mana regen, it would make the spec somewhat more streamlined. Also I love the idea of mana being both a defensive and offensive resource, we kind of see this already with the mana armour talent, and a little bit with Ice Ward (drain mana to get ward) but I think it can be taken further.

Spellblade in a very general sense uses melee attacks offensively and mana defensively. On the other hand Sorcerer uses mana both offensively and defensively and as such each point of mana spent should be more worthwhile than it would be for other mage specs, but it definitely doesn’t feel that way.

That’s just my two cents, the game is fun regardless. Keep up the great work Last Epoch team!

Remember it’s still alpha. A lot of the passive tree skills might be changing or adding more. There’s currently a 25% mana regen skill near the top of Sorcerer. Also you can craft Mana Regen or Mana Efficiency on some pieces of gear.

I’ve found a properly specialized Fire Orb to do the most damage to big mobs. I also think Meteor does pretty amazing damage too, and it can be spammed continually unlike Fire Orb. You can do something like spam Meteor with “gain X ward on spell casts that cost 40+ mana”, then mana strike to get back to full mana in 2 seconds and repeat.

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I’ve found the opposite myself. I have a fireball build that is melting faces something stupid. So stupid i think it’ll need fixing. Im easily getting into the 50’s in the arena, and im level 40.

If i can find one more unique i dont think it’ll be possible for me to die either.

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