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Sorcerer Passive Node "Reaction Point" Bug

Hi there,

I just skilled this passive in the Sorcerer Passive Skill tree and it seems to provide the excact opposite of what the description states.
Instead of reducing the next spells cost by -5/10/15/20/25 mana after I crit. The cost goes up by that amount emptying my mana instantly lol.

I trief to find a bug report by searching for “reaction point” and didn’t find anything. So sorry if that has been reported earlier.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the report! This will be fixed for next patch.

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Thanks alot. I have design philosophy question regarding this passive if you don’t mind.
Is it supposed to set spells to 0 mana cost if the base mana cost is less than the reduction or is it even going to generate mana?
Also isn’t such a skill to good to be in the universal skill tree? I was thinking about that this kind of skill should be in the spell-skill tree or as an unique effect. But thoose are just my 2 cents. Anyway you are doing a great Job :slight_smile:

It’s just a reduction. I’m not sure about it being too strong-- it’s powerful but it has a pretty niche trigger and it requires quite a bit of investment to get it to work. Those are the sorts of questions we ask when designing effects though!

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