Sorcerer mastery passive

Is there any plans to alter or update the sorcerer/spell-blade mastery passive in any way?
Mage is my favorite class in almost every rpg. So I love playing mage but recently I dabbled into sentinal(void knight/Paladin) and Primalist(Beastmaster). One thing I have got to say, is that there mastery passives are much more scalable and easy to build into(Sentinal felt extremely intuitive and made me want to spec into their mastery. Primalist less so but I have yet to play the other two masteries).
Both of the masteries both want to scale with the mana cost of skills. whilst the spellblade passive tree wants to be hitting enemies with melee all the time and sorcerer passive feels like mash up of good things most of which wants me to scale mana. For sorcerer there is at least there is an idea there but both feel clunky, in my opinion at least.
Wouldn’t something like +spell damage/increased spell damage/+%spell damage based on maximum mana such as increased spell damage by 1% every ten maximum mana(something that clearly communicates that building mana is desired and not just the fact that you run out of mana extremely fast making the focus skill near mandatory if you want to have a good time trying to build what the class wants you to do or cheating out spells using teleport).
Spellblade should be something like attack speed such as every 5 points spent in the skill tree increases melee attack speed by 1%, ward should be something like escalating ward based on number of rapid hits. It starts from one per hit and scales all the way up to ten and you need to keep hitting to maintain the effect.
Sorry for the long rant. Its just I was playing Sentinel and the masteries felt so intuitive that the mage masteries straight up ticked me off, especially as they seemed to scale really well into themselves whilst the mage one felt so pointless. I will also state that this is my opinion at the end of the day. I greatly enjoy this game and love what it has to offer, just felt like my favorite class got shafted here which initiated this post.