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Sorcerer feels very weak?

Not sure what I am doing wrong but I feel sorcerer is very weak at the moment.

She has HUGE mana problem. I can’t generate back in time and the passives that give +mana are very weak. Even if I have +mana, regenerating is slow. Focus doesn’t help much during the heat of battle.

The nuke spells that cost 40+ mana don’t deal enough damage IMO. Meteor, Glacier and Charged Ground all cost way too much. I cast like twice and I am drained.

And she has severe survival problem. Ward don’t seem to generate fast enough (unless I guess I spam Lightning Blast.

Am I the only one having severe Mana problem??

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How do you guys survive in arena with sorcerer? She is not dealing enough damage before being overwhelmed. I spend most of my time hit and run in circles. The Ward system is almost non-existent with her when she is being overwhelmed by a group of enemies.

Built as a pure sorcerer i started with Glaciers chill / freeze mechanic choosing it as my lvl 4 specialization. Eventually I got meteor as my large damage nuke. Also later on Blackhole (Sorcerer) lvl 30 ability from the passive tree helps alot. I am still new and currently trying out other builds but this has worked for me. Meteor hits like a truck when specced. Since Glacier and Meteor are high mana / slow cast nukes with enough mana it really isnt that bad. I do have to kite a little depending on mob. I hope this helps.

  • Krevek
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Trust me. Go build a Void knight. Whatever you think your Sorcerer is doing well, she is not.

Sorcerer is no doubt very underpowered in every aspect. Mana management is very poor. Survival is very lacking.

Sorcerer’s nukes cost way too much mana and damage isn’t amazing. Void Knight’s Void Hammer or Void Whirlwind plow through Arena easily. Perhaps they need to be nerfed.

I tried Glacier and the mana cost is too high and burst damage isn’t amazing.

I enjoy trying to push builds that may not work out. Not a fan of builds I know are going to work. My goal is to see how far I can push and give recommendations based on that. Especially since this is Alpha.

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Yeah game balance isn’t the goal right now. The goal is to find bugs and find out if the play style is suitable or not.

Sorcerer should be all about Mana (since she even has a passive that drains Mana before Health) but her mana passives are very weak ATM.

I have been doing some play testing of skills via the Arena. I agree Glacier on paper looks good but the chill / freeze effect isnt nearly long enough. I am currently running through different combination of skills to playtest verse large packs. I have found a good way to regain mana back though. Using Mana strike with Teleporting Strikes (1/1) with Mana Drain (4/4) + Critical Mana (5/5) helps alot. Do not take Tidal Mana. Seemed good but I get way more with Mana Strike. So I use Black Hole to group them spam mana strike a few times and then nearly full mana. I have moved away from meteor for the Arena and started play testing Volcanic Orb. I plan on sharing my combined notes once I have exhausted various combinations.

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As the skills do not have cooldowns, Mana cost/Mana Regen is the limiting factor for the large nuke skills. If you are constantly using them you should be out of Mana relatively quickly. When using such skills it’s generally a good idea to pair them with a low/no cost skill to fill in the in between time (Mana strike or fireball with the node that makes it free to cast if you have negative Mana).

There’s a significantly different cadence to casting based on Mana vs based on cooldown, and it for sure takes a while to get used to in LE. Whether or not that is a good thing is up for interpretation.

Just made a nuke sorcerer, seems to be doing pretty okay for me.

edit:appears video player is borked @Sarno
here’s direct link

I played arround with a Pyro specc. Orb and placeable fire nova = set the world on fire. Just kite and watch them burn with enough ignite and dmg over time. No Mana Problems totaly easy to play noob friendly but boring as hell… and twice as hot ^^.

I have a lvl +100 mage pure lightning, with some good unique items and all items reforged, but in Arena I usually hit and run in circles, cause I can’t generate enough mana and the lacking survive.
The patch before I could reach lvl 100 arena easily, now, with the last patch, even reach level 20+ is a pain :smiley:

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