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Sorcerer Afterglow Passive Question

You deal increased damage (25%), this effect is doubled if you have used a skill that costs 40 mana recently. So does it have to be exactly 40 mana or is this bugged? Cause I use my meteor that costs 61 mana and it doesn’t double the effect. Also the dps for this node is so bad I think it’s bugged anyway, I go from 101k dps on my skill to 102k.

It’s any skill above 40 mana (not including channel costs). Don’t forget that that is a % increased modifier which is added in with all other % increased modifiers so it may well not give much of a benefit.

Ok but like I said it does’t double the spell damage, you can give it a try and see.

I’ll give it a quick punt after work.

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It’s working for me. Putting 5 points in Afterglow made my “increased spell damage” line go up from 62% to 87%, then using a spell that costs >40 mana made it increase again to 112%.

It’s not bugged, it’s just not very good. But it does do what it says on the tin.