Sorc builds in 1.1

So, I’m new to Sorc. I didn’t play them in 1.0, only played Necro and Marksman so far in the first cycle, so I’m not familiar with their specifics. I’ll be honest, I’m intentionally going into this partially blind because I enjoy trying to figure out the characters and builds to a degree and not knowing all the uniques ahead of time so they can still blow my mind when they drop for the first time. So I didn’t read the patch notes, I don’t know any of the new items or changes to the class, not like it would matter since I never played one yet to compare it to.

That being said… in the limited research I did when trying to choose a class and mastery and ultimately landed on Sorc, I’m still not sure which elemental direction or skills I wanna focus. what are people’s opinions on the various skill focuses Sorc has available in 1.1? I’m not trying to go for meta, just curious if Sorc builds could be compared like, in terms of Fun vs Strong vs Tanky vs Fast etc. how would you personally rank them?

Historically I prefer lightning builds on mage/sorc classes, with Fire coming in second. I really love spells that auto-target enemies like chain lightnings or arcane missile-style with lots of little enemy-seeking hits. I have also rly enjoyed disintegrate on wiz in D3. But I read that lightning besides Static Orb might be a bit weak at the moment, while Glacier is great now and may be the most end-game viable, but at initial glance, Meteor seems like it could have higher damage potential.

What are all your thoughts on Sorc builds in 1.1? I’m down to play something that may be the most fun to play even if it’s a bit weaker, just as long as it’s not trash. I don’t want to struggle but I also admittedly got a bit bored with how super passive Necro was last season (yet amazingly effective and still was super fun to build).

In 1.0 I ran a spreading flames fireball / meteor sorc (with fire aura for any situations I’m in danger or need more burst, mana strike for mana recovery, and black hole primarily for extra dps on big and relatively immobile targets like bosses (also good for arena waves etc for what it’s worth). It worked great, it was very powerful and was easily my second most powerful class and a blast to play.

I’m likely going to keep rolling with that build in 1.1, as it was strictly buffed in multiple different ways. Early game spreading flames will kill whole screens of enemies before you even see them if you pump it up enough, and late game smashing stuff with meteors is a ton of fun.

Of note fireball, meteor and fire aura can all be converted to lightning, and there’s a more damage node for meteor if it does non-fire damage to support it. But you need to use a set staff for that and I don’t love sets in this game, plus the fire penetration from the craterborn buff from meteor doesn’t convert, which is why I personally didn’t do it. Still, could be good times if you’re into it.

Non meteor builds, there’s all sorts of options out there. Biggest thing for Sorc is you want a big spenders which dumps mana for huge damage and takes advantage of the Sorc mastery (50+ mana cost preferred), a spammable ability which deals well with trash mobs, and a mana recovery tool, regardless of what the rest of your build looks like. Any spells look particularly intriguing to you as build around primary abilities?

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Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed response, I super appreciate it. I was lucky enough to get that unique Torch to drop last night which has already been inspiring some stuff…

I know I def want teleport without a doubt, even with the new evade. I was checking out Glacier cause dang that was rly super strong but Disintegrate is crazy strong already too. Both are rly fun, though over the years I’ve been shying away a little more from channeling builds that you can’t move while casting because it really slows down the flow and also puts you at more risk for damage.

Now, I saw Fireball had some skill pts for adding a bunch of additional projectiles and one to make them target enemies so that could be fun. I think I may try to figure out what options there are for auto-targetting across other spells.

Let’s see… this is off the top of my head, so I may be incorrect.

  • Static Orb got a damage nerf, but very likely still deletes bosses instantly.
  • Surge charge-up and nuke was pretty OP and also didn’t change.
  • Lightning Meteor worked quite well in 1.0. It got buffed with other high manacost Sorcerers in 1.1.
  • Spark Charge spam builds had very little changes.
  • Mana Strike proc builds stayed the same as before.
  • Lightning Blast (without Spark Charges) received a nerf to Closed Circuit, so you can’t use it as a singular skill to both clear maps and kill bosses anymore. But Lightning Blast is used in proc based builds, spark charge builds and Runic Invocation builds, so in general it also lives a pretty good life :wink:
  • Lightning Runic Invocation also works. I haven’t played RM myself, and I skipped the two hour long video of one that I saw … but it was 1000c, so it works :sweat_smile:
  • Glyph of Domination build is also a thing, but again, haven’t played RM, refer to YT videos.
  • Lightning Frost Claw can generate a ton of Ward, but on its own the damage is weak.
  • Lightning Fireball got Lightning Shred in 1.1, so maybe it could be a thing now?
  • Disintegrate got some changes in 1.1, but I still wouldn’t touch it with a 10ft long pole :smiley:
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Thank you for all those details on various lightning builds and fire combos. I love how the skills in Last Epoch have so much room to be changed to alternate damage types or adding additional tags to benefit from. It creates so many interesting build options… Plus I love how it changes the appearance of the skills too. I’ll prob try to find some videos for these so I can see a showcase of how they appear to get an idea of what I may enjoy.