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Sometimes When Chat is Enabled keyboard inventory command doesn't work:)

Pretty much all summed up in the title. Will add additional information when available. Basically various keyboard menu commands wont work. Ladder , Character, Inventory etc. But when i click the join/leave chat button multiple times it seems to solve the issue.

Not a huge deal but something to look into.

I think I’ve found the source of the problem, though if you find any other causes let me know!

To reproduce, click into a search box or chat. Press Esc to close the window while the search box/chat is still selected.

You can fix the problem by hitting enter to open chat again, clicking out of the chatbox, and closing chat.

I’ve found related issue - Clicking on open chat elements with left mouse button cause related character action (in default move). It might be very annoying when you want to scroll to a specific message and read it more carefully - your character might get into the trouble(s)… Mouse actions should be more accurate region-clip routed as in example clicking on some region of inventory.

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