Something that seems to really increse minion survival

Ok I am running fire arrow skellys.

I max out impatience because that allows a massive ramp in Multi shot. Then I kind of realized that if I removed a point from mightier than the sword, and summoned a single warrior, then put the point into Bone Share, that one warrior would fast cast bone armor on himself and near by minions. I don’t understand why but my over all minion survivability went thru the roof. My minion re summoning was literally cut in half.

Now given that the bone armor lasts 4 seconds and my single warrior can only cast bone armor every 4 seconds and I think it can only effect one allied minion? I am not sure why this works so well. but it really seems to do so.

Does anyone understand the mechanics of Bone Share? How does the warrior choose which to cast it on? Does it effect only one allied minion?

Could someone else give this a try and let me know if I am just imagining the survivability increase or prehapes just had a really lucky 25 monolith runs in a row?

Minion health
Minion leech damage.

In my opinion, the survive ability it’s depends on each minion, but minion leech damage it’s in the core.

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Besides in minions you depends of abilities, you should get “minion cool down” as much as possible to increase how many times you use the same ability

Just snapshot minion HP regen.

Get a belt/helmet/relic with T7 Minion HP regen and preferably Minion Health%, wear them and summon your minions, then remove the belt and the regen/hp stays


Thats depends, some minions works better with damage leech. specialy high attack speed minions

Wow. Thanks.

Assume this is a bug but it sure will solve all my problems for the next 10 weeks.

Yea but Shirkins way lets me get insane health and regen AND swap it out for more minion damage etc.

I was playing Storm Crows on a full minion build and they kept dieing with stacking Minion Hp/1 regen item

Switched to full melee Upheaval but still using Crows to give me ward/buff/debuff and im using 3x t7 minion HP regen to snapshot them and with no other minion passives they survive easily in corruption 280

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Thanks just ran to the market, bagged 3 items for FREE and now my minions don’t die at all. Im running corruption 210