Something seems very very wrong about odds/drops

I got a 3 LP Omen of Thunder that one day I’m determined to do something with. Given the changes to Storm Totem this patch, this might be the day! :stuck_out_tongue:

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ive killed Sirus in Poe godknows how many times and he has NEVER dropped me a Saviour

im talking realistically 80-90 kills spread over his whole release

i got 2 in 4 kills last cycle. very first kill on L80 Reign dropped one and then the 4th much later. Had 1LP as well on the second

But in that case he wouldn’t have oodles of the amulet.

I would suggest saving your sanity this cycle (assuming you are playing) and play the Merchants Guild faction. You can just save up and buy it later on while you enjoy the content.

Sure, but you’ve covered the odds of that happening. Multiple stash tabs was an obvious exaggeration based on their size, so we don’t know if we’re talking 20, 30 or 60 amulets from those 60-70 kills. I just wanted to point out that you can kill the boss with no (unique) drop at all.

prophecies do not work for items whose drops are tied to specific bosses.

Yeah, I remember when that wasn’t the case.

This would change the odds I posted. We would need to know the odds of a common drop occurring at all and divide what I posted by it. Though I doubt it will change much, since I don’t think those odds would be relevant overall.

No, it doesn’t change that. You get the no-drops by abusing a bug, which may happen inadvertently. Like I said, if you don’t free the imprisoned guy to get a blessing, you can repeatedly kill the boss without reducing timeline stability. This triggers prophecies but no regular boss drops.

Ah, I see. That means that when you kill him correcly you are guaranteed the drop then? In that case yes, the numbers remain the same.