Something is wrong with the game, I have so many negative map mods they don't fit the screen anymore

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I started last week and i am getting hampered by list and list and list of map modifiers, to the point where they don’t fit the screen anymore. If you look at the attached screenshot, you can see why every enemy on that map had 50%+ dodge, nearly 50% crit resistance perma slow cap me, a hell of a lot of duplicated health and damage multipliers AND all that for 100 corruption. You can’t see the full list in the screenshot because it literally doesn’t fit the screen.

What can I do? I can’t progress anymore because having 12+ negative map mods makes it just beyond challenging to a character at 100 corruption.

you got that wonderful mod dupe bug mod dupes on entry, and if you die, the duped mod stays or you do it and both stay. that timeline is pretty much bricked unless you can eek out a few 0 mod beacons, or finding someone at a really high level to give ya a hand. or go to a new timeline and get stronger.

Stack those mod! Create the ultimate rare mobs to destroy the universe!!! :smiling_imp:
This is a known issue, we are investigating a fix

Do you have any updates on the matter, please?
That character is getting 2 to 5 times the same mod for all the timelines and whilst I am impressed that I started to handle them, I’d love to raise the corruption from 100 instead.

I hope you understand that every one of my new characters is now plagued by this problem and considering I never crossed the 100 corruption mark, I am not ready to deal with bugged stacking multipliers so this is nothing but frustrating.
Please keep us in the loop regarding this showstopper.

I understand your situation, the team as been made aware when I first replied. They are working hard to fix this major issue.
Please be patient

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