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Something for the downtime from LE between patches?

Hey there…

Looking for a change of pace, like Survival/builder/Factorio type games?

Just a little off topic recommendation for a game from another indie developer that I use as a change of pace from aRGP type games like LE… Its Early Access so its most definitely not complete, but if you like Factorio, you will feel right at home trying out this 3D “version”. I dont participate on their forums etc, but the Devs are very open, communicate and have been dedicated to providing a good game when its ready - and yes, it has local server and MP (obviously beta). More than happy to have thrown a few $ their way and recommend it…

ps. I have zero affiliation with Coffee Stain developer… I get nothing from the above… i.e. this aint some stupid attempt to make a buck… just thought you guys might like it.

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My personal preference for that kind of game would be Dyson Sphere Program, I prefer the aesthetic and the sci fi theme (and some of the translations are amusingly bad).

Nice… May have to give that one a look too… Although translation may be a sticking point right now…

I like seeing “Overwhelmingly Positive (51,182 reviews)” when evaluating a game before purchase… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The vast majority of the translations are fine, its just one or two of them are, amusing. For example, when you drop a load of crap on the ground from your inventory you can delete it, but the game says that the materials have been “devastated”. It’s just a bit of the game’s charm IMO.

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I’m still waiting for GOOD or any multiplayer builder/factory games at all.

I hope that things like “Builder Simulator” or “Paralives” will be good (both still in development), but both seem to get only a single player mode again.

I was most disappointed when “Going Medieval” only got a single player mode. With 4 to 10 players/castles/etc. in a nice big world would be THE BANGER.

That ANNO 1800 gets another season is great.

And if anyone is interested: SnowRunner in COOP is also a blast.

Translated with (free version)

This game looks a bit interesting, and is slated for release in the US in February (You’ll have to rewind it to the beginning of the video 1st though)

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