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Someone explain to me how to use Exsanguinous

When I equip this chest I end up with 300 Ward and about 70 HP. Even though I can generate tons of Ward on top of this, I need lots of enemies dying to do it. If I am 1:1 with a boss or a few tough elites, I am toast. However I have seen Lich’s run around on youtube with 1000+ Ward, at rest, doing nothing while wearing this chest. How are they doing it? Thanks.

You want as much hp as possible & as little hp regen. The chest converts 20% of your missing hp into ward each second, so the more hp you have the more you’ll be missing & the lower your hp regen the lower your hp will be when it all settles down (which means more ward per second).

Apart from that you’ll want as much Int as possible (int = ward retention which slows down how quickly you’ll loose your ward) and as much ward retention as possible.

Also, don’t forget that they did “tweak” the ward retention formula in a recent patch which reduced the amount of stable ward you’ll have with that chest. Despite the ward on hit being the issue with some builds being able to get massive amounts of ward.

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