Some thoughts on trade/economy and items/crafting

Really loving the Game already EHG team! First some full disclosure :slight_smile: . I’m by some measurements a casual, while by some others I’m not. One of the turn offs for me is when a game gets overridden by bots and you have to deal with them for trade. I think keeping them out by removing the RMT incentive completely would be beneficial to all. One way to do this would be by making an automated blind auction house. Player would have a couple options for how to list their item such as “Buy it nao” or a time limited bidding auction with a max time of maybe one or 2 days. The economy could be moderated somewhat by EHG by monitoring what certain things are going for and setting reasonable boundaries for pricing that would reign in the flippers/marketmaker types so often seen in other games with more open trade. The blind trade part would make it impossible for the seller and buyer to have any connection through which RMT could be facilitated, and the automate part eliminates the need for someone to stop what they are doing to sell an item. Trade of items not Auction House only bound(dropped during party play) would still be possible with the party members present when the item dropped.

For items and crafting there are a few things I’m hopeful for. First is that crafting or the Ardent Creator program does not create any HeadHunter like items. Second is that there be a balance of chase items (non-game breaking) for each level of player(casual, moderate, elite. for lack of better terms). Another thing I like about the balance in Last Epoch is that there are not chests and breakable items littered everywhere, and when you take the time to explore that likely dead end and kill whatever is guarding that chest, it very often feels appropriately rewarding for doing so :slight_smile: . I would like to see some more variety of breakables as well as some of them being not so obvious. Kind of like some of the hidden breakables and secret areas of various other ARPGs. Thank you for the great game and really looking forward to Eternal Legends on the 10th!

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