Some suggestions

Hi there, after playing around 140~ hours of the game, i’d like to provide some feedback on my experience.

Those points might have been highlighted before me, there is a lot to read here, tried a light check before but didn’t see the topic being on the top.

I enjoyed the game so far.

Here are the things that i would love to see improved:


  • Stash filtering system: Being able to search in my stash with more option than keywords, that sometimes feels a bit bugged (like searching “poison” and seeing things without any poison tag). Options could be like level range, multiple settings at the same time like “ring + poison resistance” etc
  • Stash auto-sort algorithm could be improved. The issue is only visible when a tab is close to full. At this point on, manual sorting is more space efficient than auto, that can either get locked or propose sorting that is wastfull in space. Also, bg3-like options for auto-sort could be nice, like “sort by value” or “sort by type”. Also grouping things together would be nice, keys would be a common example.
  • Rarity coloring of item inside the stash is barely visible
  • Add a keyword option for filters (example, “hide all” “idols” with “small” inside their name)


  • Lighting. Some areas of the game feels reallllllly dark. Sure, i enjoy to play while it’s night outside but i litteraly can’t play with the curtains open in some areas with the game in the highest bright settings and had (for the first time ever) to increase my monitor brightness to be able to vaguely see what my character was doing.
  • Overlay map on lighted map. this goes the other direction, you can barely see it while the map is well lit by the sun or icy effects
  • One shots feels bad, but heh, just git gud. Except when you spent 10mn trying to find a few doors in a dungeon where the amount of try is limited by the keys you can find, to be then insta-killed by a mechanic where the safe area wasn’t obvious (temporal sanctum big “hello” boom). I killed it on the second try no issue, but i had to go search a kill video on youtube to understand what the heck i did wrong. That caused me to not only having to make reasearch, which can be annoying for some players, and also denied me the enjoyment to figure out boss mechanics through retries, which feels bad. Would recommend maybe a few tries for the bosses, at least on the lower difficulties, to allow patern learning on the levelup phase.
  • Might be a wrong, but crit damage reduction felt useless, had around 100-120% ish before and still could get oneshoted, so i got the crit avoidance cap and it was fine. didn’t play all classes so can’t really say if some talents benefits from being crited or not
  • Some AOE from mobs/bosses are not easily visible depending on either the environment, the lighting, or even the class you play, if some of your spells and/or minions are also present. Exemple would be those circling dark red puddles throwed by worm-like sprites, that are kinda hard to see on dark area + brown floor. Same thing goes for icy effect on frozen floor etc. (Picture a necromancer with dozens of minions, add some of your spell effects and the area color-theme and you get some atrocious screen occlusion vs things that can easily one-shot you)

Another random suggestion would be to “borrow” the idea of diablo where you sometimes loot an exp book through random stash drops, and have some voice read background lore. I feel like the game story mode would feel a bit livelier with that.

Those represent my opinion and what i would like the game to change/add, doesn’t mean that i’m right obviously, but i’ve been playing those kind of games for a long time now, felt like my feedback could be usefull since here it seems to be heard :sweat_smile:

Have a nice day o/

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