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Some suggestions to take into account?

Hi! First of all great game really enjoy it and you as developers.

What do you think of below suggestions? Please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Since crafting materials are dropped “all the time” wouldn’t it be reasonable to enable an option for auto-pickup as gold has?

  2. Right now there are no 2h wands (such as staffs) and/or bows/x-bows etc? Would like to know more about your thoughts and your approach to these type of weapons.

Thanks, looking forward hearing from you!

Bows will probably be added with Ranger/Rogue class. Not sure about x-bows tho.

There are threads about the autoloot of crafting materials already, I’d suggest dropping your opinion on the matter in one of those :wink:

To 2. : Huh, didn’t notice that there are no 2h Staffs. I assume they will come before release. Or they Need to add caster offhands additional to shields imho. Casters with shields always looked weird to me.
Bows will come with the rogue, as DuckWho said. Crossbows…I don’t know if they are needed honestly. If they are implented, I’d make them slower but with more damage per shot compared to bows. But that can also be realized with different types of bows and/or skills.

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