Some small UI Bugs

Hi, I’m relativ new to LE and now have my first 75h in the game.
First of all I want to say that I love the GUI in this game, the best in any ARPG right now imo. So a big praise to the designers here!

But I also noticed some GUI bugs and hope reporting them helps fixing them:

  1. Mouseover Icons from NPCs, Chests etc. appear even if a GUI is in front of them.
    For example: Open the inventory or forge so that a NPC is behind it and move your mouse to the NPC - The “…” Icon appears.

  2. When you press “alt” on a skill modifier like “Sleight Of Hand” the skill that procs popup is displayed behind the other popup. So I can’t read Shurikens because the windows is 3/4 behind the Sleight Of Hand popup. I have to say I’m using a QHD Ultrawide Monitor (34"). I don’t know if it also happens on regular 16:9 monitors.

  3. The stash search has a bug when you use the search in the normal stash at the bottom but you switch stash tabs over the “Quick View”. The the search doesn’t work and gets stuck. It doesn’t show search results until you delete the search-word and type it again. I think it would also be cleaner it both search panels would be linked and show the same results. This would also prevent bugs like this.

  4. Icon-Slot in Inventory remains marked.
    This is a bit difficult to describe, so just do this:

  • use a ring for your char
  • put another ring in your inventory (not the character slot) on one of the left spots.
  • hover the ring in the inventory. The ring in the slot gets marked with a white border.
  • Now move your mouse to the left, the border remains.
    → This also works with the other sides, it is always the case when you directly from the item outside the inventory. If the mouse hovers one of the inventory slots it gets reset.

Sorry for the long text, I hope this helps. Thanks for the awesome work!

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