Some skills are just terrible for dots

I made a ignite warlock with fissure and zombie nodes , zombie nodes had all the spitting/converted to fire ect ect and they also proc the fire specter thing . so i tryed to stack as much ignite on hit on my tree on items ect ect . so went to test it out i had around 700% chance to ignite on zombies based on passives and his nodes in the tree . and he could only put 5 ignites on the dummy ticking for 1 k damage , so it seems ignite on hit does NOTHING for the zombies . same for the infernal shade chance for ignite on hit DOES NOTHING . i mean whats the point trying to make a cool ignite build if my ignites does nothing for these skills . infernal shade only adds 10 stacks of ignite aswell even thou im stacking them ontop of each other with the ground targeted node . i put 1 fissure on the ground from the base skill of warlock , gg 100+ stacks of ignite . i mean why make all these skills work so nicely together but they are so bad . and you could just spec the chaos bolt skill on fissure and bam gg dps . i relly dont get most of the skills in this game via dots ect ect. i mean PATH OF EXILE does it just so much better … spell hit , yes , is it fire , yes , do you have 100% for ignite , yes . ok skill can ignite . here its like can you ignite . yes will it scale with ignite chance if you put it more meh maby 50 /50 . just feels like im wasting my time trying to make all these cool dot builds and none of them boost stacks of either ignite poison or damned

Zombies are minions they don’t benefit from YOUR ignite on hit.
You need an affix that states it gives ignite on hit to you and your minions.

Also not all spells have a hit components, Infernal Shade doesn’t that’s why it didn’t benefit from your ignite on hit.
Your build can work but you need more research on the game mechanics.

Also ignite chance on hit doesn’t work with damage overtime skills (vomit) unless stated otherwise.