Some report and idea

Hi, after playing like 100h in beta pre’multiplayers and around 200 in multi, im listing below what i have note:

  • See our mana on nameplate (overhead on our char).
    For better overhead gameplay or in widescreen, it can be nice to see when we have to use our regen spell/etc. Same for playing with ( take X% dmg on mana before life )
  • See our precise stats for each spell/attck.
    In spell tree , we have a lot of stat affected to him ONLY, crit base, ailment chance etc
    We have global stats, a possibility to have a doc like this for each spell would be nice.
  • Pet MTX are cool but behhh
    Would be nice if they can take gold/currency
  • Add a very-very-very-rare currency for addind 1 “legendary potential” on an item
  • Change/adjust color for transparency map.
    In zone like desert we see nothing in map transparency with alpha 0 or 100. For me is hard to see objectif point, but for guys who have some vision problem i think is terrible
  • QoL in party:
    _Shrine distance for buff is to small, all the map would be great, maybe to good but distance need to be larger
    _XP in zone, same we need to be to close of our friends for gain XP. I know all the map would be to good, but a bit larger would be nice.
  • Color of our lifebar pet. We need to chose an another color for our minions.
    When we have lot of pet or playing with friends have some, we are lost. Change color or adjust alpha.
  • Monolith of fate.
    Is a very good endgame content. But can we have an option for unlock lvl 100 monolith on alt when we have finish it on a char? Or at least an option for pex in monolith our alt for skip main story?
  • Filter
    The better and easier to learn in all aRPG i have tried! If you can add more color, some sound :wink:
  • Rune of Shattering. Make npc sell infinite.
    Load town to town to town etc is boring^^
  • Make all blessing switchable when we have take 2 or more.
    Thx for reading.

The devs are working on that but it got pushed back for mo, so I’m sure that once things calm down, @Mike_W will be able to get back on it.

This does come up from time to time, they are generally not in favour of this as it would either be so rare there’s no point it being in the game or it would make the lp rarity on the more powerful uniques irrelevant (ie, totally #### balance).

I think this is 1-2 screens.

I would like this and it does get asked for frequently, cant remember the devs’ stance on it though.

You kinda can already with the dungeons, and in MP you can have some give you a lift to the end of time and get your mastery, do monos, etc from lvl 1. The only problem with that is the xp you get from zones is capped at character lvl+5 (so a lvl 1 character in a lvl 55 mono would get xp as if they were in a lvl 5 zone) and you’d need to go back and do the campaign quests to get your idol slots and passive points (and a way to get them for alts is also asked for).